HoverBike Mobility Scooter Sitting Attachment to Hoverboard

HoverBike Mobility Scooter Sitting Attachment to Hoverboard

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The HoverBike includes:

  1. Aluminum frame that requires simple assembly
  2. Two pneumatic wheels
  3. Plastic clamp that secures to the middle of the hoverboard
  4. Product manual.

How fast and how long can the HoverBike ride?

The HoverBike's overall performance fully relies on the hoverboard it’s attached to. How fast and how long the HoverBike will ride depends on numerous factors, including road conditions, weight load, hoverboard battery capacity and motor power rating. It is recommended that all wheels be fully inflated to the maximum allowed pressure to provide the best performance. Softer wheels will reduce vibration but will also drain the battery more quickly, as core power is required to turn underinflated wheels.

Does the HoverBike work with all hoverboards?

Currently, the HoverBike clamp is designed to work only with hoverboards that have a rounded middle part, like most 6” and 10” hoverboards. Some hoverboards might not have a rounded center, and therefore, the clamp will not wrap properly around it. So-called Lamborghini 8” hoverboards do not have rounded middles and therefore are not compatible with the current design of the HoverBike clamp. In the future, we might offer an improved clamp that can go over any type of hoverboard.

What accessories are available for the HoverBike?

Many regular bicycle accessories can be adapted for HoverBike use. For example, LED bicycle lights in silicone or rubber housing can be easily wrapped around the HoverBike frame or beach chair tubing. Possibilities to accessorize the HoverBike are endless.

Is it possible to fall from a HoverBike?

The short answer is YES. As with any other type of vehicle, there are always risks associated with its operation due to various reasons. The HoverBike operates attached to the hoverboard. Therefore, its performance strongly depends on the hoverboard's characteristics and user experience. If, during forward movement, the hoverboard stops suddenly either due to its failure or the operator's failure to properly engage the pressure sensors, that might result in a fall forward and possible injuries. Some inferior hoverboard models might have faulty pressure and gyroscopic sensors that can fail during operation. Therefore, it is imperative to drive slowly when using the HoverBike for the very first time, and take time to accustom yourself to the HoverBike's behavior and hoverboard operations. The customer should wear protective gear, such as a helmet and knee and wrist pads during HoverBike operation. The customer should hold on to the chair to provide additional support in case of sudden stops, which may cause them to slide forward. Please read all posted warnings and the owner's manual before operating the HoverBike. Please inspect all HoverBike components before each ride for loose screws or cracks in the clamp attached to the hoverboard. However, it also should be noted that even though the remote risk of injury might still exist while operating the HoverBike, it is much less severe than the type of injuries associated with falling from a hoverboard while standing.

What are the dimensions and weight of the HoverBike box, for shipping purposes?

Box Dimensions: 26x11x10” 
Weight: 13 lbs = 5.9 kg = .93 st